Due to the large amount of enquiries received, customer support will be limited and we've created an automated system.

Most (if not all) of your questions should be answered in the F.A.Q. below, on our website or in our Terms of Usage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. My account was not created after payment or was lost to me somehow. Please help!

Click on the link below to have have your account created/fixed/restored:

Your account should be restore no less than 24 hours. Thanks for your patience!

2. I can't login into my account?

There may be many reasons for not being able to login:

          1. Wrong email password combination.
          2. Not the correct email.
          3. Not the correct password.
          4. Password has unacceptable characters.
          (Note: Only use letters and numbers in your password.)

To Restore your account go to question #1 above.

3. I'm receiving a blank password when I send for a "lost password".

If you are receiving a blank password in your recovery email then you are using an email that is not in our database. Try your other email addresses to see if they work.

To Restore your account go to question #1 above.

4. Payza?! Why not paypal, liberty, etc.

At this time we use Payza exclusively. You'll be using Payza to receive money as well.

We encourage you to open a Payza account (free) and add funds if you are going to use our programs.

5. Payza only lets me pay a $2 minimum! What can I do?

We can't do anything about that. It's out of our hands. Please look at question #4.

6. Payza FEES!?

Payza charges fees on every transaction. But even with $1.00 program (plus fees) you can make a realistic $5 - $15 daily. Even at just $5 a day it comes to $130 per month for a $1 investment.

7. How do I know my ODR account is working?

About Payza... Your Payza email address should be the same one used in

          your Payza:
          your OneDollarRiches:

The best way to do check your ODR account is to click on your promotional link

          (replace "xxxx" with your ID)

Then click on the "Join Now" link to verify the Payza payment link goes to you.

8. How Do I Update my ODR Account

You may login into your account and update you account under the "Your Account" tab on the top.

Login at

9. How Do I Get My Funds after I made sales?

You will get paid to your Payza account and you should add a bank account to that account so you can "withdraw" funds.

These details are explained under "instructions" tab.

10. Abuse of Registration Form, etc. - IMPORTANT!

Please note that abusing of the registration form is forbidden and can cause to delete your account without refund.

If you have been using the registration form more than once by mistake, please let us know and send us the email address(es) you've used to do this so we can correct this problem manually. Thanks.

(Note: We track ALL I.P. addresses to prevent abuse of our system! Violators will be reported to the authorities.)

11. What do "Hits" and "Sales" mean?

"Hits" mean the amount visitors to your website and "Sales" means the amount of sales.

You will get paid directly from the buyer using your promotional link:

 (replace xxx with your ID)

Promote your link using free methods of advertising like Facebook and "free traffic exchanges" and "free classifieds"

12. How do I get banners?

You will need to download the banner to your computer and upload to the desired website. Right click on your mouse and "Save as" to your computer.

Sample code:

          <a href="">
          <img src="" ></a>

(replace "xxxx" with your ID)

13. Where are my payments?

Please check your Payza account for the payment.

People need to join from your promotional link...

 (replace with your ID)

If the person decides not to purchase from your unique link and then visits another member, then the payment will go to someone else.

14. My Control Pannel is not Working correctly when I login.

Try quitting your browser. If it gets stuck it's probably a javascript problem.

Try using complaint browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. Internet Explorer is not a good browser.

15. I have a great offer for the Admin of It's the best offer in the world and you can make lots of money!!!

We are currently not accepting offers. But you can join OneDollarRiches and make money yourself.

You'll make $5-10/day with your website easily.

          Join here...

16. My Sales counter is not working!

Sometimes you will get a sale on your Payza and your sales counter will not change. This is a small bug in the script and we are working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

17. How Can I get a Refund?

Please email your receipt of payment so we can start the refund request with your sponsor.

Receipt should include, seller name and email, date, and reference number.

Just so you know out of 9,000+ accounts we've only had 19 refunds. You can reconsider, it's only $1.

          Send them to

(Note: This email is for refunds only. Other enquiries will be ignored!)

18. I'm Getting Spam from one of Your Members! Please Help!

We take spam seriously. Please send us the spam email or anything we can use to disable this members' account.

Send to with the "SPAM" in the Subject line.

Please understand we can't control the actions of our members, we can only delete them from our system.

Thanks for notifying us and for your patience.