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Starting right now you will learn how to make thousands of dollars using only your computer, your efforts, and the power of the internet. This is not a theoretical doctrine. This is a practical, do-it-yourself report that will hopefully open your eyes, if you are a beginner. And if you are an intermediate or internet expert you will be able to make lots of cash with this simple report.

This report is about 2-5 pages long, depending on your computer browser, resolution, operating system, and/or printer. The length of it is not what's important. What is important is its content. This short report has several different links that will direct you to websites that expand on and explain in more detail what will be revealed here.

What should YOU expect? Get ready for 2 weeks of intense learning and reading. You should pace yourself. Don't rush it. You will learn how to create, package, and sell one of the hottest items ever.

So sit back and relax. Get a drink and get comfortable. This report starts now...

Your State of Mind: Are you ready for success?

Before you start making loads of cash, you must have the right attitude. You will come across a lot of obstacles and you will need a positive attitude to survive them.

Below are two examples of what this really means.

Example 1

Two women have a huge problem. It's a crisis and things are not looking too good. Both women have THE SAME EXACT PROBLEM.

Woman "A" always looks at things in a positive light. She knows that things will pass and that you have to have faith. She knows that one must do good and have positive thoughts. She knows that thoughts lead to action, which lead to results. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions which lead to positive results. She is also bold and knows what she wants.

Woman "B" is a skeptical, negative person that always complains and thinks that everyone is out to trick her. She also believes that she is victim of her problems and it is very hard to get out of them. She is also afraid of taking important steps to solve her problems.

Question: Who do you think will succeed this crisis, Woman "A" or Woman "B"? Your answer will be obvious. Think about that and figure out who you have to be in order to succeed.

Example 2

Two men want to sell widgets. They both open shops in similar parts of town. They both get the SAME EXACT EXPOSURE. They get the same setup, the same types of employees, etc.

Man "A" is like Woman "A". Man "B" is like Woman "B"

Again, Man "A" will succeed. His shop will be a runaway success. His self-confidence and positive attitude is picked up by everyone he comes into contact with, customers, employees, suppliers, etc. They all want to do business with him and be in his presence. He knows that "how he does anything is how he does everything." So he does everything as effectively as possible.

It doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to know what you have to do before you continue to read this report. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions which lead to positive results. You have to find out how to do this. Below is a link that might help you out.

Read this free ebooks below...

The Science of Getting Rich
The 30 Second Happiness Miracle

There is more help in ebook library or the resources section.

The Internet: What you should know.

The basic truth about the internet is that on any given day, there are 25,000 to 65,000 brand new people that try the internet for the very first time. From that number about half are looking to make money, or fix their financial situation. The other half is looking for other information and entertainment.

Related links:

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What should this mean for you? It should mean OPPORTUNITY!
It means there is a growing market of business opportunity seekers. Along with the "newbies" (or internet beginners), there are "old folks" (or internet veterans). Old folks also are looking to make money online, but they have battle scars and are more skeptical of things. They know what works, and what doesn't work. Some of these Old folks stay away from online business opportunities (or "Biz Opps") altogether.

Knowing this, you must exploit this fact. You must seek this market out and give them what they want: Information on how to make more money. This information can take the form of a book, a report, and/or a website.

The Old "Supply and Demand."

You now know that there is an incredible demand for this type of product. You are actually living proof of it. You purchased this report with the intention of learning how to make more money. Next step is determining how to set up and deliver this info to Biz Opp Seekers.

Basic Blue Print for Making Money with Biz Opp Seekers:

1. Find a Product to sell. If you can't write an "info product" yourself then you must find them online. The absolute best products you can sell online are ebooks and e-reports. Why? they are cheap to get and you don't have to have to carry inventory. These ebooks are then delivered instantly after payment from your website. This process is super quick with little or no seller/buyer involvement. Some of these ebooks come with unlimited resale rights and you can sell them as many times as you like.

You don't need to look to far for ebooks with resale rights. The G5 Cash Program has over 50 of them. All with website templates you can use to sell them.

2. Design your sales pages. This is where it gets complicated. This might be a lot for "newbies". Below are links with valuable info. For this part you will need to learn how to write effective sales letters and how to set up simple HTML web pages.

The great part about G5 Cash ebook library is that each and every ebook in the ebook library comes with a professionally designed website template and sales letter. All the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is... (#3)

3. Find a host and upload your website pages. This is quite easy. If you are an internet newbie you should try a free Yola.com website. They are easy to use and you will learn how to upload webpages. Geocities.com is a great start for anybody. You can use Geocities to sell your info products or open a homepage. It's great and it's FREE!

Now, once you are ready for a serious business you should consider a paid hosting account. Get a cool domain name and a low cost account. You can get accounts as low as $5 per month and you register a domain name for as little as $10 per year. As you can see this does not take a huge investment from your part.

Below is a list of recommended sites :

HostGator (recommended)

You can also find more info in the ebook library or the resources section.

4. Setup Your Website to Accept Credit Cards. If you are a beginner you should try out PayPal and/or AlertPay.

But if you want to be taken seriously you will want to use Clickbank (recommended or 2Checkout.

You will need to learn a bit of HTML to add these to your site.
Visit the links below for more info.

Dave's Beginners Guide to the Internet
Overall Html Tutorial
HTML Code Tutrorial
Introduction to HTML
Dave Raggett's Introduction to HTML
Tutorials on Uploading your web site by FTP

5. Promote Your Website. Here and now you will learn an internet marketing strategy that alone will help you make more money than you can possibly imagine.

The first thing you should know is, the minute you start a business, any business, online or offline, you are in the "Marketing Business."

If you are to become successful with your internet business you will need to become an expert marketer. Your success depends on it. So this report will now reveal a strategy that works. But before it will describe what DOESN'T work....

FFAs - Or "Free For All" links are the biggest waste of your time, ever. What's a FFA? It's a free online classifieds section that you can post your ad and millions of people are supposed to magically see it. The problem is that lots of people are posting their ads as well. Every time someone posts their ad, your ad gets one line down, and so on. Your ad ultimately gets viewed for about 10 minutes and then it's deleted from the FFA.

The other problem with FFAs is that the people visiting these FFAs are people posting just like you. They are not necessarily looking for biz opps, they are looking to make money with their own biz opp. Yet another problem is the amount of people visiting these FFAs. You will not get enough of targeted traffic to view your ad.

Classified Ad Boards - These don't work either. You will get similar problems as above. These definitely don't work for biz opps. You might get lucky with one or two of these boards, like USFreeads.

Blasting Your Ad to Free Opt-in lists - This is a big waste of time as well. If you try out those services that say that you will have access to 10,000,000 emails, you will be greatly disappointed. Firstly, you'll find out that you have lots of work to do. You have to compile these list and use your own bulk email software. Just setting up can take days. Then after you setup you'll see that you will get about 2-3 responses per day. You will need a lot more than 2-3 responses if you want to make money with your online venture. You will need a couple hundred, and couple thousands is greatly recommended.

Blasting Your Ad To Paid Opt-in and other Email lists - Just like above you will see that results are not that great. Setup is killer and most of the people that belong to these have been illegally harvested, in other words, you will have spam trouble. These lists are also very old. Another way to get into spam trouble is to send your ad unsolicited to very old emails or leads.

(What is Spam? It is unsolicited email promotions. They are annoying and you wont get results, only legal hassles. More info here.)

Safelists - These are yet another form of email marketing that had a great beginning but has fallen low below expectations in the last few years. The problem is something like the above but everyone that is subscribed to the safelist has agreed to receive your message, BUT you have also agreed to receive their message. Just imagine receiving several thousand emails every week with biz opp ads. Who will read them? Do YOU have the time? Do you think the other members will read your ad? Think about that one.

Ezine Advertising - These work a little. Just a little. You need a top sponsor ad and you need ezines that have a large loyal following and increases at least 100 subscribers per week. If this isn't happening, then you've wasted your time and money.

You must take in consideration that an ezine is viewed completely the first few issues, then the subscriber just scans the issue for any relevant topics, disregarding the ads completely.

Plus you need your top sponsor ad in several ezines just to break even. This can be very expensive and there are no guarantees on the success of your ad campaign even on large subscriber ezines.

Ezine Solo ads - Again, same as above. Veteran subscribers do not read solo ads. In fact, they are annoyed by them. Only new subscribers read solo ads, so the ezine must be increasing in subscribers every week. Solo ads only work if the list is a strong group of loyal subscribers, that are anxious to get the next email.

Banner Ad campaigns - Don't work. Some people say they do some say they don't. I'll tell you that you need a lot of impressions to make a "good impression" We're talking about 5 million to start with. This is really expensive. At a $1 CMP (cost per thousand) that's $5,000. This will guarantee aprox. 20,000 hits. It's pretty good if you have $5000 hanging around. The minimum run for professional banner ad networks is $1,000. You could probably get other networks that work for less money but these will not be the best networks.

If you decide to go with CPC (or cost per click) your results will increase but get ready to spend $0.20 and up per click or visitor.

Also, for best results with banner ad campaigns use professional looking banners.

Search Engines and Directories - Don't work. And this is why they don't work. URL submission to search engines is like throwing a basketball from one side of the court to the other and trying to make it "in" while there are a thousand other people trying to make it "in" as well in the same basket at the same time. It's ludicrous and useless.

Then once you're in, you have to make sure your listing is in the top 3 or you lose. It's that simple. So if there is a submission company that can guarantee top 3 for a popular keyword or keywords in the 5 major search engines and directories, then you have a chance to get some extra hits a day.

Note: All these variable must be there or you lose: Top 3; the right keywords; 5 major search engines. Again, taking all the variables plus what is mentioned before, it's riduculous to even try. Another thing is that it usually takes weeks even months to get listed. And if you are not a search engine optimization expert, forget about it!

Ad swaps - Don't work. Unless you swap strategically and even then you need to swap with many other websites to get a decent number of hits. And since you need to put the other site's ad on your site/ezine, your biz will look like a classified ad section of the newspaper and no one will want to visit your site again.

Ok, what works? There's only one thing you need:


Any company that can guarantee a specific number of hits in a particular time frame is a "winner.". This is crucial for any online business. You have to get results. You need guaranteed traffic. Once you have that traffic it's up to you to get the visitors in a confident buying mood.

You can control everything that happens on your site, from ad copy to delivery. So that is your job; to get everything on your site working smoothly. You must now get control of your traffic. This is the key. The biz with the most targeted visitors wins. It's that simple.

The Winning Strategy That Works.

Below is the exact strategy that you should use with your guaranteed targeted traffic.

Guaranteed traffic >> free standing ad and autoresponder >> email follow-up.


Guaranteed traffic: This can be in the form of Click-through traffic, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, paid email solo ads, and any other type of ad that guarantees a specific number of unique visitors in a specific time frame. Guaranteed click-through traffic is the best. Make sure that it is targeted for your product category and market. In your case, the ad should target people that are interested in biz opps (or business opportunities).


Google Adwords
Google Search

Free standing ad: This is a mini-webpage that all it has is an ad. The ad will persuade the visitor to do something. Usually it asks the visitor to click-through to your main website or the ad may ask to fill out a form to receive more details.

Example: http://g5cash.com/!/make-money.php

Autoresponder: This is a special software that sends out automated email messages after requesting information from an online form or special email address. It's basic and easy to set up. More details here.

Email Follow-up: The email follow-up is possibly the most important part of the equation. After writing a killer sales letter and designing the perfect website, this series of emails is the key to close sales. Each email should get the visitor excited and remind them about the opportunity.

The basic rule about these emails is to keep them personal and to personalize them. Personalization will go long ways.

Each email should have the visitor's first name on them.

Example: "Dear John,"

They should also have a note at the beginning or end of the email.

Example: "(You are receiving this because you requested more info about the amazing G5Cash.com)"

This way you will not be accused of spam. These emails should also be written as to a friend. They should be simple and to the point. No matter what anyone says, Long emails don't work! They should also describe quickly what the opportunity is about.

The visitor should receive about 3-4 of these emails per week for about 2-3 weeks. More than that and it could be considered spam. These emails should also have "unsubscribe" details at the bottom of them.

It's an advertising fact that before a prospect buys they must see your ad anywhere from 2-7 times. The follow up technique described above should help you close the most amount of sales.

You can find examples of email letters here.

More info on this subject in the ebook library or the resources section.

How to Make $1000.00 in 2 Weeks.

When your goals are high, you must strip down to basics. "It's all about numbers." Once you figure out how much money you need to make in one day then you can forecast and plan an effective strategy.

In order to make make $1000.00 (USD) in 2 weeks you will need to make $71.43 every day for 14 days.

If the product you are selling makes you a profit of $10 per sale then you will need 8 sales per day to clear $1000. ($10 x 8 = $80 x 14 days = $1120)

If the product you are selling makes you a profit of $20 per sale then you will need 4 sales per day to clear $1000. ($20 x 4 = $80 x 14 days = $1120)

And If the product you are selling makes you a profit of $35 per sale then you will need 3 sales per day to clear $1000. ($35 x 3 = $105 x 14 days = $1470)

As you can see, all you have to do is close a specific number of sales every day for 14 days in order to make the $1000.00 in 2 weeks. Knowing this you must drive as much targeted traffic through your autoresponder so you can qualify the most people, so that you can close the maximum amount of prospects.

This can be done with many different products. An in-demand info product is your best bet. if you want to bypass all the work, use the G5Cash.com Program which sells all of them in a neat and complete package. You will be paid instantly, you will receive 100% of the sale (after qualifying only 2 sales), and you will make $49.95 every sale. You will only need 2 sales a day and you will make $1398.60 in just 2 weeks.


This report was created to help you out in starting a lucrative internet business. One that can be launched with little or no money and one that be done by almost anyone. You don't need inventory and the the profit margins are extremely high. But most important of all, it requires little time to run and you can set your own hours. You don't need to quit your job, but you can, if you run your online business effectively.

Hopefully, this report has motivated you. You will find that you don't have to be a "rocket scientist" to make money on the internet. You only need courage, and the will to change your life. "Winners never quit, Quitters never win."

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